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Fireside Chat

June 24, 2021 – Fireside Chat: How EdTech Accelerates Learning?

Fireside Chat: How EdTech Accelerates Learning?

Organized by ITS Committee

Whether children or adults, we’ve been exposed to learning and adapting to new technologies for learning. How has education technology accelerated and even improved our learning methods?

We’re delighted to have an evening fireside chat with speakers: Tommie Lo (Preface Coding), Simon Engerer (Cicero Group Limited) and Darwin Wong (Union Holdings Limited). On the premises of Preface Coffee & Wine in Central, we’ll have a lively conversation over a glass or two of wine.

We will strictly adhere to the HKSAR Government’s social distancing guidelines, hence space will be limited. Join us for an informative and social evening and get a glimpse of the events being held by the chamber and our ITS Committee.